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Reconstructive Surgery

The term “Plastic Surgery” derives from the Greek work “Plastikos” which means “to mold or give shape”.  Nowhere else in the field of Plastic Surgery is the appropriateness of this name more evident than with reconstruction.

Reconstructive Surgery utilizes Plastic Surgical principles and techniques as well as ever-advancing technology to move, rearrange and repurpose a patient’s existing healthy tissue to augment or replace tissue that is damaged or missing secondary to trauma or disease.  The goal with reconstructive surgery is to restore both function and form to allow a patient to return to his or her pre-disease or pre-trauma life.

While the potential problems we see as Reconstructive Surgeons is seemingly infinite and an exhaustive list here would not be possible, we have included discussion of the more common areas and problems we address.  Techniques and options can vary from patient to patient based on the problem being addressed as well as the patient’s own medical and surgical history.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer in surgical reconstruction and an in-person evaluation with an experienced reconstructive surgeon is critical to formulate and plan.

Plastic Surgery